Thursday, 12 January 2012


Saks Fifth Avenue. US only, two shoots from 2002 and 2004. First shoot saw images used, a la Banana Republic, as part of an American magazine "multi page" advert, see the October 2002 edition of "W". 2004 saw release of "Love Saks" catalogue, which included no less than 35 Sophie snaps!

Versace Jeans. Shoot dating from 2000, at least three different photos were used. In the UK, in-store desk displays surfaced using one of the images, but few if any still exist.

Victoria's Secret. You might know this lot as a fancy underwear firm, but they do outerwear as well. One of a huge number of Sophie pix, at least three US catalogues were issued with Sophie featuring heavily in each - "Casual Summer 2005", "Ipex Angels" and "Spring 2005 Casual" were the titles.

Windsor. Sophie and Helena Christensen help promote this German clothing firm.

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