Thursday, 12 January 2012


E Luxury. Online US retailer, one photo exists, seemingly only used in North American fashion magazines rather than actually appearing online!

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. 2007, not selling any wares here, but actually helping to raise awareness. A bit low key at first, but images started to flood the high street and train stations eventually.

Gap. Famous company yes, but this one is rather obscure, as despite this being part of the company's fall 2004 campaign, this image and the TV ad Sophie also appeared in, seemed to be restricted to North America only.

Ghost. Sophie's last "proper" modelling job, before the full blown leap into the world of writing and cooking, from 2009. Image used on huge in store posters in "Boots", and on "Ghost" gift boxes sold in the run up to Xmas. At least one such poster still in situ in at least one store at the end of 2011, not bad for a campaign that was launched seemingly whilst no one was looking.

Godiva. Just as Sophie gets criticised in the press for losing weight, this US chocolate campaign turns up! 2004.

H&M. This shoot from 1997 was for the Swedish leg of the chain, Sophie did a UK one - fully clothed - five years later.

Jennifer Nicholson. Rarely seen fashion campaign for "Jack's" daughter. Seemingly only one Sophie image in existence.

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