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Accessorize. UK fashion store, links to Monsoon for whom Sophie modelled for a year or two later. One of a multitude of photos, carrier bags with Sophie's image emblazoned upon them were printed up.

Banana Republic. US shoot, this photo was part of a multi-page magazine advertisment.

Barely There. Saucy fun from the US in 2003, Sophie strips off for this American Underwear company. The American edition of "Vogue" from February the same year includes not just this photo, but the other photo of Sophie the company used to plug their product, plus a Sophie feature in relation to the "Dancing Eyes" book.

Boucheron. Late 2006, for Jewellery firm. Maybe not a well known name, but that didn't stop no less than four different shots of Miss Dahl being published. Most shots saw Sophie wearing so much bling, you couldn't quite see her hair or face that well, only one photo saw Sophie's image "unblemished" by such additions.

Burberry. Early 2007 shoot, for sometime controversial UK firm. Sophie ad for company rather rare.

DKNY. Fairly high profile campaign, from 2003. Lots of shots, turned up on the website, in magazines, a mini movie (later available as a DVD), and even Opticians stores in the UK, where a photo of Sophie in glasses was used for in-store displays.


E Luxury. Online US retailer, one photo exists, seemingly only used in North American fashion magazines rather than actually appearing online!

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. 2007, not selling any wares here, but actually helping to raise awareness. A bit low key at first, but images started to flood the high street and train stations eventually.

Gap. Famous company yes, but this one is rather obscure, as despite this being part of the company's fall 2004 campaign, this image and the TV ad Sophie also appeared in, seemed to be restricted to North America only.

Ghost. Sophie's last "proper" modelling job, before the full blown leap into the world of writing and cooking, from 2009. Image used on huge in store posters in "Boots", and on "Ghost" gift boxes sold in the run up to Xmas. At least one such poster still in situ in at least one store at the end of 2011, not bad for a campaign that was launched seemingly whilst no one was looking.

Godiva. Just as Sophie gets criticised in the press for losing weight, this US chocolate campaign turns up! 2004.

H&M. This shoot from 1997 was for the Swedish leg of the chain, Sophie did a UK one - fully clothed - five years later.

Jennifer Nicholson. Rarely seen fashion campaign for "Jack's" daughter. Seemingly only one Sophie image in existence.


McQueen Sunglasses. US campaign again, three different Sophie photos exist - all of which were used as part of another multi-page US magazine advert. As you can see, not all the shots saw Sophie wearing much, let alone a pair of sunglasses.

Marks And Spencer. Underwear photoshoot undertaken late 1999, but seemingly no images used until 2001. UK campaign, photos used for in shop posters, and bra packages at the time used Sophie on the front.

Matalan. The campaign that never was, Sophie modelled for this company for a photoshoot published in the "OM" magazine, given free with the UK newspaper "The Observer" - available for one day only in 2004! Some images, including this one of course, can be found online, but you will have to search very hard for the rest...

Max Studio. Rather obscure. Online retailer, one of three Sophie shots that got used.

Monsoon. 2005. At the time, unavoidably high profile UK fashion campaign, second shoot published early 2006. Images adorned shop fronts, postcards, booklets and inside (and on the cover) of endless fashion mags.


Neiman Marcus. Catalogue shoot. This is one of a number of pictures used in a 2004 book called "The Look". Neiman Marcus did another book with Sophie in three years later, the "1907-2007" catalogue, which included a batch of essential, spectacular shots.

Newbridge Silverware. From Ireland, early 2008, at a time when Sophie was moving from modelling to writing.

Opium. Quite possibly the most famous ad of all time, certainly Sophie's most iconic. Despite being controversial enough to be "banned" in certain places, this 2000 dated photo has been used in endless Sophie articles, such as the one in the Italian edition of "Max" from January 2001. Another shot was also published, more of a "head shot" photo of Sophie, but image is ridiculously rare. I found one on the net many years ago, but have struggled to see it on the web since.

Patrick Cox. More controversy, as Sophie "goes lesbian" with fellow model Ruth Crilly. In case you were wondering, this is an advert for shoes. This, plus other Sophie images from the shoot, surfaced in early 2003, and later was listed in the 19th March 2004 issue of "Zoo" as one of the top 10 all time banned ads.

Pringles. One time fuddy-duddy knitwear firm, this shoot dates from Spring 2003. Several different Sophie images adorned the various advertising methods, with life size displays turning up in their London Bond Street branch at the time.

Red. Again, not quite a proper campaign, this shot dates from 2008, where Sophie was the face of a Valentine's Day promotion designed to raise awareness of the sale of specialist "Red" products, as part of a fight against AIDS in Africa.


Saks Fifth Avenue. US only, two shoots from 2002 and 2004. First shoot saw images used, a la Banana Republic, as part of an American magazine "multi page" advert, see the October 2002 edition of "W". 2004 saw release of "Love Saks" catalogue, which included no less than 35 Sophie snaps!

Versace Jeans. Shoot dating from 2000, at least three different photos were used. In the UK, in-store desk displays surfaced using one of the images, but few if any still exist.

Victoria's Secret. You might know this lot as a fancy underwear firm, but they do outerwear as well. One of a huge number of Sophie pix, at least three US catalogues were issued with Sophie featuring heavily in each - "Casual Summer 2005", "Ipex Angels" and "Spring 2005 Casual" were the titles.

Windsor. Sophie and Helena Christensen help promote this German clothing firm.


Hello there, and welcome to the Sophie Dahl Ad Campaigns micro-site.

Sophie, of course, made her name as a model - appearing not only on the catwalk and in music videos, but also in a number of advertising campaigns worldwide. What you have on these pages is many - but possibly not all - of the companies Sophie modelled for. In some instances, Sophie shot more than one campaign, and many campaigns featured a number of images per shoot, but to avoid too much "clutter", what you get here is one photo per company.

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