Thursday, 12 January 2012


Neiman Marcus. Catalogue shoot. This is one of a number of pictures used in a 2004 book called "The Look". Neiman Marcus did another book with Sophie in three years later, the "1907-2007" catalogue, which included a batch of essential, spectacular shots.

Newbridge Silverware. From Ireland, early 2008, at a time when Sophie was moving from modelling to writing.

Opium. Quite possibly the most famous ad of all time, certainly Sophie's most iconic. Despite being controversial enough to be "banned" in certain places, this 2000 dated photo has been used in endless Sophie articles, such as the one in the Italian edition of "Max" from January 2001. Another shot was also published, more of a "head shot" photo of Sophie, but image is ridiculously rare. I found one on the net many years ago, but have struggled to see it on the web since.

Patrick Cox. More controversy, as Sophie "goes lesbian" with fellow model Ruth Crilly. In case you were wondering, this is an advert for shoes. This, plus other Sophie images from the shoot, surfaced in early 2003, and later was listed in the 19th March 2004 issue of "Zoo" as one of the top 10 all time banned ads.

Pringles. One time fuddy-duddy knitwear firm, this shoot dates from Spring 2003. Several different Sophie images adorned the various advertising methods, with life size displays turning up in their London Bond Street branch at the time.

Red. Again, not quite a proper campaign, this shot dates from 2008, where Sophie was the face of a Valentine's Day promotion designed to raise awareness of the sale of specialist "Red" products, as part of a fight against AIDS in Africa.

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