Thursday, 12 January 2012


Accessorize. UK fashion store, links to Monsoon for whom Sophie modelled for a year or two later. One of a multitude of photos, carrier bags with Sophie's image emblazoned upon them were printed up.

Banana Republic. US shoot, this photo was part of a multi-page magazine advertisment.

Barely There. Saucy fun from the US in 2003, Sophie strips off for this American Underwear company. The American edition of "Vogue" from February the same year includes not just this photo, but the other photo of Sophie the company used to plug their product, plus a Sophie feature in relation to the "Dancing Eyes" book.

Boucheron. Late 2006, for Jewellery firm. Maybe not a well known name, but that didn't stop no less than four different shots of Miss Dahl being published. Most shots saw Sophie wearing so much bling, you couldn't quite see her hair or face that well, only one photo saw Sophie's image "unblemished" by such additions.

Burberry. Early 2007 shoot, for sometime controversial UK firm. Sophie ad for company rather rare.

DKNY. Fairly high profile campaign, from 2003. Lots of shots, turned up on the website, in magazines, a mini movie (later available as a DVD), and even Opticians stores in the UK, where a photo of Sophie in glasses was used for in-store displays.

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