Thursday, 12 January 2012


Hello there, and welcome to the Sophie Dahl Ad Campaigns micro-site.

Sophie, of course, made her name as a model - appearing not only on the catwalk and in music videos, but also in a number of advertising campaigns worldwide. What you have on these pages is many - but possibly not all - of the companies Sophie modelled for. In some instances, Sophie shot more than one campaign, and many campaigns featured a number of images per shoot, but to avoid too much "clutter", what you get here is one photo per company.

The images cover the "modelling" years of 1997 to 2009, and all you have to do is click on the relevant tab to your right to look at the relevant company. So, pick "S-Z" for an image from the Versace Jeans shoot, as an example. Some images from the older version of this microsite have changed, but details of the companies that Sophie has modelled for are mentioned in the text more or less as before. Photos of any new modelling assignments will be mentioned on the news page, and then added to either the Diary or the latest "Gallery" page in the main site.

If at any point you wish to return to the main Sophie Dahl Rocks homepage, click on the "Hello!" tab, then click here:

Happy viewing!

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